Swan Song for 2011

2011. So much can be said about this year, but not enough can be said about how much I am looking forward to 2012. What I can say though, is that my friends and family were my everything, day in and day out.

This is my final post for the year, and it has some sweet shots of Shyori and Quinnton singing a a showcase they performed in together not too long ago.

I arrived slightly late (as per usual) and got a chance to sit and be serenaded by the two of them, and several other very talented artists that are based out of New York.

I have not one musical bone in my body, aside from making pianos that can be played by thought alone, so I greatly appreciate the aural talents of my friends who are so gifted.

Iguana was the perfect spot for these performances, and the mood was just right. Every since going to the Village Underground, I have come to enjoy the challenge of shooting live performances in low light. It takes patience, a steady hand, and creativity when exposing the frame.

Here’s to these sweet sounds, and to many, many beautiful images and experiences in 2012.

Happy New Year everyone!

You already know my camera will have something festive to show for the first day of the New Year! Stay tuned!

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