Yotel Hotel Does Brunch Better Than You Can Imagine

Writing the year 2012 still feels crazy, but here we are in a year where all newborns will never know what a CD is, how to work a VCR, or that there were even bound copies of encyclopedias. However, those same children will have cool parents like myself to show them how we celebrated in the year that everyone was excited/nervous/anxious about someday.

Michael wanted to start off the new year right, so he sent out invitations for a very special brunch for the “Girls & Gays” at the Yotel off of 42nd and 10th avenue. I had heard the place was staffed by robots or something, and that Swizz Beats had DJed there before with Alicia Keys at a party once. I was sold at robots, but then Michael sent the menu with the invite and I was DOWN.

We are all about a cheap brunch with unlimited drinks, but this one took the cake, because they kept different plates coming throughout our time there. Everything from crispy shrimp to fried rice to french toast was served alongside the endless carafes of delicious drinks. Definitely try the Bourbon Peach Tea.

The music was definitely period, but with the majority of the clientele there being from outside America, we understood the constant flow of 80’s euro/dance/trance music — and yearned for at least 1 top 40 single. Despite not knowing the words to anything, the music kept me in great spirits the whole time. What I would have done for some Ke$ha though!

The wait staff and ambiance of the place were fantastic. We were well taken care of, and one waiter even had on the Concord Jordan XI’s I was almost trampled over for last month. So fresh! There were strange Yak-like statues at the entrances that I kind of wanted for my own because they were so odd. They made me smile.

I made some new friends who were of course more stylish than I, so naturally they had to be photographed. It was great seeing Alexis, Dimia, Kirk, and the gang because I have not seen them in FOREVER.

Towards the end of brunch, I spotted someone I had been crushing on for a long time in the distance, and you already know I made a slight fool of myself because I was saucy/nervous/anxious. It made my day to see him though.

Before we left, someone decided that one side of the restaurant was a runway, and challenged several people at our table to an impromptu walk-off. Naturally, the girls from our table shut them down in style. The guy above gave it his best though.

We had such a great time at the Yotel that we will definitely come back soon for more fun. I give them A’s across the board for outstanding service, great food and drinks, and for accommodating our crazy crew. 2012 is shaping up to be quite festive, so I am working on new reasons to celebrate.

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