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Unseasonably, Unreasonably Beautiful

I forgot to share these Fall photos with you right after I took them. I was asked by Nandy and Nay to take more photos of them, and I chose the Cloisters as the backdrop.

I hadn’t been back there since last winter, so seeing the leaves in pale golds, browns, and reds was a completely different visual experience. I remember how beautiful the grounds there were covered under a thick blanket of snow, and how it crunched under my boots.

This time though, there were leaves beneath my feet, and the air was light and crisp. The walk through the park to the Cloisters is the best part of every visit. You have to see it yourself in person to believe it.

I took some time to wander the Cloisters before the girls arrived and was taken by the delicate palms, intricate columns, and religious iconography that filled each hall. I took in the light filtered through the stained glass windows.

Nandy looked spectacular in her metallic, scaled dress, and it was fitting considering the Cloisters resemble a medieval castle. She was royalty indeed.

Nay was dressed to the nines as well, and she glowed in the Autumn light. Her and Nandy are always hilarious together so we had to take breaks to get out giggles in between shots.

On the way out, we took the time to take more shots as the sun faded into the next season.

I love this place. I love my friends.

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A Little Something Sartorial

With all the rain we’ve been having, its like all the fashionable people in New York have been hiding. Maybe they melted or something. Hunter rain boots aside, I just haven’t seen many people lately that made me stop and want to capture them being them in their own style.

That was until I spotted this gentleman standing outside of Atrium on Broadway and Bleeker the other day out of the corner of my eye. He was posted outside the store standing there as if he had been waiting for a photo op ALL DAY.

Some silly girls saw me with my camera and thought I wanted to take their picture, but as you can see, my focus was not on them.

I quickly took one of them to make them happy, and went back to being fixated on the handsomely dressed guy outside the store. After taking his picture, he stopped me and introduced himself. He was impressed with the photos, gave me his card, and went back to being posted there waiting for his stylist. If he can dress himself that well, he doesn’t need anyone else to do it for him.

There is something to be said about men who go without a tie while wearing a suit, or even a belt. Having personal style and choosing items that fit well is key to any great wardrobe. Why wear a belt if your pants are tailored and fit perfectly? Does a tie add or detract from an outfit looking like it fits with Spring? Etcetera, etcetera.

In the end, this simple and chic outfit was worn with so much style, swag, and confidence, that I was drawn to take these photos right there on the street. What kinds of things make you stop and absorb the moment or look at things closer?

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Happy + Hot Photos on the High Line

I had never thought of someone giving another person a friend a photo shoot as a birthday present until I got a call last week from my friend RJ. He said that as a special gift, he would like me to take photos of his friend, Anthony.

Anthony had said that he wanted to start modeling soon, and that he needed to start a portfolio. Luckily, the boy is more than easy on the eyes, is in great shape, and photographs very well. Genetic score!

I’ve seen many photo shoots in progress on the High Line, and even taken some of my own, but I have never accumulated as large of a crowd of onlookers for a shoot as this one with Anthony.

As soon as he unbuttoned his shirt, people started to gather. First it was a few girls, then more girls, and then moms trying to not gawk while pushing their babies.

When he took his shirt off, it was over for all other shoots that were happening on the High Line, because of the crowd Anthony drew. One video shoot that was in progress was halted entirely because the director was pissed at the amount of people Anthony drew that were, “In his way.” Sucks for you, bro.

Our shoot on the other hand went exceedingly well, and if these photos show anything, it is that Anthony could do very well in modeling if he keeps taking great photos like these. I am quite proud of these shots, and of him for doing so well on his first time!

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Lovely Latina for Club Avel

I was asked recently by my friend Shane to do a shoot that would help promote a new space opening up in Queens. I hadn’t shot for anything like that before, and I was very excited to get started. He told me his initial ideas for the shoot and I went to Adorama to pick up a lens that I thought would capture the interior of the space well. Luckily, I had the foresight to do that, because it really paid off in some of the shots.

The model, Alexandra Halaris, looked stunning in her red dress atop the bar, and she definitely spiced up the already glowing atmosphere. The most interesting aspect of the space is the fixture above the huge bar. It consists of intertwined fiber optic cables that have projectors on each end that shoot multicolored pulses of light back and forth to make the web glow. It seemed like a very ITP type of work, and I loved it.

You could easily fit 500 people in this space, so definitely check out Club Avel for your next event or party.

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Bagir Group Party in the Sky

Maurice is always up to something cool, and is always in the know. He has been working for the Bagir Group for a while now. Bagir specializes in finely tailored clothes for both men and women, and their innovative use of high tech fabrics makes for some great styles. They even make machine washable suits! Awesome!

To show how awesome they were, Bagir threw a party atop Atelier on 42nd and 11th ave at the Sky Lounge. I had partied there for New Years and had a great time, so I was excited to hear that the party was there. I knew the location alone would make for great photos.

There was quite the crowd, and they were ever so fashionable. There were models all over the place for everyone to gawk at and flirt with.

I met some of the most interesting people there at the party, and made a couple new friends along the way.

I was so glad that Elizabeth came as my plus one because I would have felt out of place without her fabulousness not there with me. Naturally, she struck a pose in front of the symbol of New York, the Empire State Building. Score! It was awesome to be on top of the world and watch lighting strike all around us as the night went on. Not a drop of rain on our party though!

Some people there had crazy wild styles, and I couldn’t get enough of the snacks they had floating around on trays. They had cupcakes, chicken, and bacon wrapped shrimp that would make a kosher meal shrivel up and die. YUM!

They had a red carpet set up, so I couldn’t help but get in some more target practice and take photos for Bagir, seeing as I was honored just to be invited to this party in the sky. I look forward to seeing more styles from this company.

Party well done.

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Chris Had a Birthday and I Had Cake + More!

Christopher was in town last weekend for his 27th birthday, so Chris and I made sure to festivate and entertentiate with him all weekend long (yes, those are new words I made). I got him some cool plants for his new apartment, and we took him out to a great Spanish spot in HK for dinner and drinks.

I saw this debonaire man on our way to getting cake for Chris. I imagined bubbles coming out of his pipe. He posed ever so crisply for the camera. How very sartorial.

We got cake from Juniors (!) and ate it like fatties and went for more drinks later with Maurice at Blockheads. While there, we met Christopher and Steffi, whom we shared drinks and laughs with. Yay!

After that, I guess Spain won the World Cup or something, because the crowd of people outside the bar next to our favorite Thai place the next day were going crazy. Yikes!

The following day, I shot a short demo reel for a neighbor of mine at the top of the Paramount building in Times Square. The view from the office we were in was awesome to say the least, since it was right next to the famous ball that drops.

Since then, I’ve joined the gym, and taken some more photos of the beautiful greenery by my place. Ohyeah, the happiest news since FOREVER is that Maddy is now officially professionally awesome and will be moving to Chelsea soon! Yay!

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Sunshine + Fashion + Internet Week= W00T!

Elizabeth and I have been keeping each other entertained in our post-graduation dip into the real world while career hunting. Ms. Fuller is always in the know, so this week has been full of interesting surprises.

On Monday, Elizabeth asked me to accompany her to an event at Pier 66. It was the launch party for the Times Square Forever 21 that opens on the 25th. They had a small fashion show, premiered a movie, and gave us VIPs wine (and CUPCAKES!)

None of the fashion was breathtaking (in the good way) but I did like the attitudes of a few of the models. I hadn’t tried runway photography either, so it was fun.

There was plenty of eye candy floating around on the boat we were on (did I mention we were on a boat!?)

The next day, Elizabeth brought me to a rooftop party at the Hudson Terrace, not too far from my place. It was some sort of gathering of Twitterati and was full of the startup crowd. It was pretty fun talking with a few people there. Elizabeth’s feet got to rest a bit in comfy shoes, since it was more low key than the night before (yes, more low key than Forever 21). In the end, we had a great time at the Top of Hell’s Kitchen.

I didn’t make it to Ignite to see Catherine speak, but I know she did great, since she is of Team Awesome. Here’s some sailboats by Pier 84 to remind you of her and her yacht club 🙂

Finally, on Thursday, Elizabeth and I flitted on down to the Obliterati Party downtown. It seemed a little too cool for me, and it was particularly noisy, so I didn’t stay long. At least we got to have soup dumplings in the middle of our visit in Chinatown.

Looking forward to Brooklyn Fashion Week!

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