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At the Ocean with Mom

I had not been home to see my parents in forever and a half, so I took some time and came home to Washington to stay with them for a week. I have definitely been needing some time to recharge, reassess, and relax, so I am enjoying my time here with them.

Mom and I had been planning on spending some time to ourselves for a while, so we decided to come and stay in Ocean Shores for the weekend. Our hotel, the Grey Gull, is right on the beach, has a fantastic view, and is quite nicely appointed.

The two of us wandered down to the beach before sunset, and caught a glimpse of the tide starting to come in. I can’t wait to go to the jetty tomorrow and see what washes ashore in the morning. I like going the morning after a storm and being first on the beach to find treasure.

Between the gulls and the grey skies we had a great time walking along the beach. Hearing the ocean roar is an amazing reminder of the power of nature and the infinite detail in the world that we live in.

The goal tomorrow is to find some cool shells on the beach, investigate any cool animals or treasure that washes up, and check out a little house for mom to retire in that is not too far from the beach.

More to come soon!

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Yotel Hotel Does Brunch Better Than You Can Imagine

Writing the year 2012 still feels crazy, but here we are in a year where all newborns will never know what a CD is, how to work a VCR, or that there were even bound copies of encyclopedias. However, those same children will have cool parents like myself to show them how we celebrated in the year that everyone was excited/nervous/anxious about someday.

Michael wanted to start off the new year right, so he sent out invitations for a very special brunch for the “Girls & Gays” at the Yotel off of 42nd and 10th avenue. I had heard the place was staffed by robots or something, and that Swizz Beats had DJed there before with Alicia Keys at a party once. I was sold at robots, but then Michael sent the menu with the invite and I was DOWN.

We are all about a cheap brunch with unlimited drinks, but this one took the cake, because they kept different plates coming throughout our time there. Everything from crispy shrimp to fried rice to french toast was served alongside the endless carafes of delicious drinks. Definitely try the Bourbon Peach Tea.

The music was definitely period, but with the majority of the clientele there being from outside America, we understood the constant flow of 80’s euro/dance/trance music — and yearned for at least 1 top 40 single. Despite not knowing the words to anything, the music kept me in great spirits the whole time. What I would have done for some Ke$ha though!

The wait staff and ambiance of the place were fantastic. We were well taken care of, and one waiter even had on the Concord Jordan XI’s I was almost trampled over for last month. So fresh! There were strange Yak-like statues at the entrances that I kind of wanted for my own because they were so odd. They made me smile.

I made some new friends who were of course more stylish than I, so naturally they had to be photographed. It was great seeing Alexis, Dimia, Kirk, and the gang because I have not seen them in FOREVER.

Towards the end of brunch, I spotted someone I had been crushing on for a long time in the distance, and you already know I made a slight fool of myself because I was saucy/nervous/anxious. It made my day to see him though.

Before we left, someone decided that one side of the restaurant was a runway, and challenged several people at our table to an impromptu walk-off. Naturally, the girls from our table shut them down in style. The guy above gave it his best though.

We had such a great time at the Yotel that we will definitely come back soon for more fun. I give them A’s across the board for outstanding service, great food and drinks, and for accommodating our crazy crew. 2012 is shaping up to be quite festive, so I am working on new reasons to celebrate.

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NYE = Emeri + Me

Emeri and I spent New Year’s Eve together, and brought in the class and sass for the new year. Neither of us really felt like being jam packed into the parties we had been invited to, although the rooftop party in Herald Square sounded tempting. The intimate bar at Mother Burger called our names instead ( and later Empanada Mama ).

We took naps throughout the day and took our time going into The City. We collided with some obnoxious revelers on the way to Midtown, but paid them little mind once we got past the brouhaha. The police were out in full force, but you already know we spotted the cute ones and kept it moving.

In true New York style, Emeri and I went out in a color palette that was mostly black and form fitting ( because we can). She rocked some stylish stockings and I kept it cute with my favorite woven tie. Juan had hooked me up with an unnaturally fresh line a couple days before, and Em and I got our nails did the night before to look our best.

Upon arrival at MB, there was a combination of squeals of delight from our favorite bartender, Jess, Emeri, and I. We were so hyped to ring in the new year together at our favorite spot. Denise made sure that the appropriate jams were played, and the spot was abuzz with laughter.

Jess introduced us to the new bartender there, Tim, and he got acquainted with us and our favorite drink: The Blue Happy Trail.

Once we had our fill, we said goodbye to our friends and welcomed the new year, and several empanadas at Empanada Mama. Somehow we made it back home with all our belongings and shambled into bed safely, to wake up much, much later and greet the first light of 2012.

Bless us friends and this new year!

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One Season Fades into the Next

This summer was quite odd. It went by faster than normal, was hotter than normal, but was also much more beautiful than I remember any other summer being.

The greens seemed that much greener. Could have been all the rain we had. Then again, after reading “Gaia’s Revenge,” it could have just been a warning signal from Mother Nature. That book taught me that we are on borrowed time because our planet will parse down our population down to less than a billion to maintain equilibrium. More on that another time though. But yes, so much greener this year.

On a similar note, the weather here this summer was prone to fits of fury, Irene anyone? Though she turned out to be nothing more than a glorified tropical storm, and excuse for me to stay in bed, she made for the most brilliant skyscapes and sunsets.

When the weather was sunny, I saw couples dancing at Union Square, and I thought that was one of the most beautiful moments I had seen in a long time. Something about old people being together forever seems so foreign and endearing to my rabbit-like self. Speaking of that, I found out that I have the ability to make the sun shine by getting it in. No, seriously, ask mt friend Hjordys who also helped contribute to the good weather. She is my fellow source of the sunshine.

I met lots of new people this summer, and took obligatory photos of boys ( and girls ) all summer long.

Yes, lord.

In the end though, I am looking forward to busting out with my cardigans, coats, and boots this fall. I don’t mind the sun setting a little sooner either. That just makes me sit my ass inside and get the sleep that I need to function. I have a great feeling about this fall, and I know it will be particularly festive very soon.

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Relish the Rapture

If I were a certain type of person, I would have felt really silly Sunday morning. I’m just saying. I know that there are all kinds of heathens and things wrong with the world, but when creation itself is as gorgeous as it is, why shatter it in the apocalypse? We will probably do that ourselves eventually, so there is no divine intervention necessary.

In any case, Elizabeth in all her fabulousness, had the foresight several months ago to book a reservation at Calle Ocho for the day of the rapture. I want to believe that she did this on purpose, or that her golden locks told her to do so. Her, Lee-Sean, and I all had tortilla espanola for brunch and several goblets full of sweet, sweet sangria. If you have never been to Calle Ocho, there are two things to know: book months in advance for brunch, and save room for all the sangria you are about to sip!

After brunch, Elizabeth showed us to her new pad, which is just blocks away from Calle Ocho and one block from The Park. Prime real estate we are talking here. From there, we frolicked to the Great Lawn, and then on to Turtle Pond. We ascended Belvedere Castle just in time for the rapture at 6pm, only to find that the sky was getting dark and the temperature dropped a little. Damn.

While at The Park, we took in the wildlife, and marveled at just how lucky we are to be where we are, when we are, together. Sometimes reflection like that is necessary for true appreciation of life.

Ideally, we could all appreciate life from the Beresford alongside Central Park West, but the view from Turtle Pond is just fine with me. Soak in the sun and relish the rapture.

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Sip n’ See Festivities


My amazingly beautiful and talented friends, Dimia and Bobby, combined their powers and had a birthday brunch/Sip ‘n’ See at Essex last Saturday. It was as entertaining as it was epic.

A Sip ‘n’ See, you see, is a festivity meant to show off a newborn and celebrate life itself. At least I think thats what NeNe Leakes from Housewives of Atlanta was really trying to get at? Anyways, Bobby and Dimia christened their imaginary child Apollo at brunch and we celebrated all their births in high style.

The usual suspects were there, such as Michael, Amber, and Alexis, but there was probably three dozen more to round out the crowd that we had going on. The seating arrangement that we had at Essex was spread out about the upper level, and we had a great view of the whole place, including the rather boring party at the other end of the building.

The food there was great and everything, but the constant flow of screwdrivers, mimosas, strawberry bellinis, and bloody marys really got the party started. I had more than my fill of sips, and saw quite a bit from my central vantage point, but how I managed to capture such great photos while slightly jollier than usual is beyond me.

Dimia and Bobby have an absolutely amazing constellation of friends, and everyone got along and was interesting to talk to and laugh with. There were big hats, nice shoes, and all kinds of great style to go along with the great smiles.

We kept the party going until the staff at Essex was more than done with us, and I think I had the last of the screwdrivers that were served. Oops. Baby Apollo even got to taste what was going on at the party, as any true child of the world should. Is there even a drinking age in Europe?

I am infinitely blessed to be surrounded by friends that are so much and do so much. I wish Dimia and Bobby all the best this year! Yayyyy!

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Happy Faces in Happy Places

Spring is all about smiles. The weather starts to become livable. The animals come out of hibernation. The trees are on fire with lush greenery. These are all simple things to be happy about.

Kendra and her boo, Jalyssa, asked me to take photos of them, and naturally the High Line fit the bill for a place full of Springtime energy. There is something electric about being up there in the mix between park and urban jungle. I have done many shoots there, as you have seen, and what keeps me coming back is that there always seems to be a perfect array of shadows and light no matter the type of shoot.

The happy couple was easy to photograph, as their positive energy was contagious. Onlookers always love to stop and smile at other people that are smiling too, so seeing reactions of others is just as fun.

I brought a friend along, Marc, who looks kind of like Jake Gyllenhaal. Just don’t tell him that. He is working on his photography at UConn and was in town for a weekend visit.

Right after the shoot with Kendra and company, I was asked to cover a birthday party in the Meatpacking District for my friend Shyori. I had designed the invite for his party, so I was happy that the turnout was just as great.

Michael was simply fierce. Only to be expected.

The king of the night had many friends over, and we danced, drank, and enjoyed the cool night. I can’t wait for the Blessed Week of Jonakah!

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