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May’s Showers Brought Some Flowers

This spring has been an odd one. For one, the groundhog lied, and spring didn’t start to appear until maybe just a couple weeks ago. Two, all the plants and trees were so pent up over the elongated winter, that they decided to have a massive pollen extravaganza that would cripple the entire city for a week. Seriously, buying TWO big boxes of tissue in one week is a little extra, even for me with my horrible allergies.

Also, this spring has either been rather windy, rainy, and chilly. Ideally, you think there is a gradual buildup of sunlight and warmth for spring, in anticipation of the coming summer, but no, in New York we have had a seasonal tug of war going on. Winter just wont go home!

Alas, it rained heavily for the faux apocalypse we had yesterday (more photos from that coming tomorrow) and all the flowers in the garden glistened with the spring rain like some sort of perfume commercial.

If there is one thing that makes flowers look even better than their own divine designs, it is some water droplets. Be it dew drops or rain drops on their foliage, it just makes them look more alive than they already are. The symbiosis between the earthen plants and the rain from the sky is the perfect mix of elements. The visual show they put on during and after a rainstorm is quite moving, especially when you race to take photos and not soak your camera.

Imagine me in the garden trying to take photos with one hand and hold an umbrella with the other. Yeah, it didn’t quite work, so my camera and I were a little soppy at the end of my shoot, but the results were well worth the sogginess. Thank goodness for camera weather sealing!

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Happy + Hot Photos on the High Line

I had never thought of someone giving another person a friend a photo shoot as a birthday present until I got a call last week from my friend RJ. He said that as a special gift, he would like me to take photos of his friend, Anthony.

Anthony had said that he wanted to start modeling soon, and that he needed to start a portfolio. Luckily, the boy is more than easy on the eyes, is in great shape, and photographs very well. Genetic score!

I’ve seen many photo shoots in progress on the High Line, and even taken some of my own, but I have never accumulated as large of a crowd of onlookers for a shoot as this one with Anthony.

As soon as he unbuttoned his shirt, people started to gather. First it was a few girls, then more girls, and then moms trying to not gawk while pushing their babies.

When he took his shirt off, it was over for all other shoots that were happening on the High Line, because of the crowd Anthony drew. One video shoot that was in progress was halted entirely because the director was pissed at the amount of people Anthony drew that were, “In his way.” Sucks for you, bro.

Our shoot on the other hand went exceedingly well, and if these photos show anything, it is that Anthony could do very well in modeling if he keeps taking great photos like these. I am quite proud of these shots, and of him for doing so well on his first time!

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April Showers Brought Some Flowers

Today was a lovely day in the city. The sun woke me up, the leaf buds on the tree outside my window smiled at me, and some birds were singing on my fire escape. That was pretty much the reason I got my apartment.

After gathering myself, I wandered down the street and met up with Jaybird at 6th ave. My red shirt and plaid shorts got me lots of attention, and for once my skin was glowing—plus I had a fresh haircut courtesy of Tyson. I was pretty much a hot tamale.

The smell of the streets today was amazing because the cherry trees were in full bloom. I didn’t make it to Central Park today, but I’m planning on going tomorrow to take pictures of LIFE ITSELF and the beautiful cherry trees by the Jackie O reservoir.

I am soaking in as much sunshine as I can before I have to get serious about starting finishing my thesis project. I think I’ll do a post about my progress and plans for that tomorrow today. Perhaps.

If you didn’t get your daily dose of sunshine, then check out these deliciously springtastic photos.

Ohyeah! Absorb and enjoy the photos in this fancy new SLIDESHOW!

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