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Hocus Crocus!

Holy Springtime, Batman! Its that time of year! Tonight everyone is supposed to set all of their clocks forward an hour to be in line with daylight savings time. Why the planet adheres to this antiquated practice of messing with time (and circadian rhythms) is beside me, however not to be outdone, Mother Nature sent some of her finest blooms up early for all of us to enjoy.

If your know the signs of Spring, there are two flowers to look for: Crocuses and Forsythia. The latter is hard to come by in New York, but there were crocuses aplenty in my old garden in Midtown. They peeked their brightly colored heads out from underneath the fall leaves in little flurries of spring color.

The Daffodils decided to join in on the party, and trumpeted the coming arrival of the vernal equinox with a splash of goldenrod and cream. Their skinny leaves fluttered in the breeze.

I made a new friend in the garden named Jamie, and he has been a resident of Hell’s Kitchen for decades. He told me about his ritual of recording the passing seasons through photos in the garden. We agreed that our little, gated slice of heaven was a perfect timekeeper for the seasons.


A ring of Tulips slowly began to unfurl their velvety bezier curve leaves in the shade of the giant Tulip Magnolia tree in the center of the garden. The bees have not woken up from their slumber yet, so it is only these hearty perennials who have arrived without their presence.


Together, these tiny flowers have set the seasonal clock in motion with their Springtime festival of color and light. The year began a few months ago, but it is now that 2012 really comes to life. The colorful clarion call of the Crocus banishes the winter, and brings an end to the bitter cold.

Spring is here. Finally.

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NYE = Emeri + Me

Emeri and I spent New Year’s Eve together, and brought in the class and sass for the new year. Neither of us really felt like being jam packed into the parties we had been invited to, although the rooftop party in Herald Square sounded tempting. The intimate bar at Mother Burger called our names instead ( and later Empanada Mama ).

We took naps throughout the day and took our time going into The City. We collided with some obnoxious revelers on the way to Midtown, but paid them little mind once we got past the brouhaha. The police were out in full force, but you already know we spotted the cute ones and kept it moving.

In true New York style, Emeri and I went out in a color palette that was mostly black and form fitting ( because we can). She rocked some stylish stockings and I kept it cute with my favorite woven tie. Juan had hooked me up with an unnaturally fresh line a couple days before, and Em and I got our nails did the night before to look our best.

Upon arrival at MB, there was a combination of squeals of delight from our favorite bartender, Jess, Emeri, and I. We were so hyped to ring in the new year together at our favorite spot. Denise made sure that the appropriate jams were played, and the spot was abuzz with laughter.

Jess introduced us to the new bartender there, Tim, and he got acquainted with us and our favorite drink: The Blue Happy Trail.

Once we had our fill, we said goodbye to our friends and welcomed the new year, and several empanadas at Empanada Mama. Somehow we made it back home with all our belongings and shambled into bed safely, to wake up much, much later and greet the first light of 2012.

Bless us friends and this new year!

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One Season Fades into the Next

This summer was quite odd. It went by faster than normal, was hotter than normal, but was also much more beautiful than I remember any other summer being.

The greens seemed that much greener. Could have been all the rain we had. Then again, after reading “Gaia’s Revenge,” it could have just been a warning signal from Mother Nature. That book taught me that we are on borrowed time because our planet will parse down our population down to less than a billion to maintain equilibrium. More on that another time though. But yes, so much greener this year.

On a similar note, the weather here this summer was prone to fits of fury, Irene anyone? Though she turned out to be nothing more than a glorified tropical storm, and excuse for me to stay in bed, she made for the most brilliant skyscapes and sunsets.

When the weather was sunny, I saw couples dancing at Union Square, and I thought that was one of the most beautiful moments I had seen in a long time. Something about old people being together forever seems so foreign and endearing to my rabbit-like self. Speaking of that, I found out that I have the ability to make the sun shine by getting it in. No, seriously, ask mt friend Hjordys who also helped contribute to the good weather. She is my fellow source of the sunshine.

I met lots of new people this summer, and took obligatory photos of boys ( and girls ) all summer long.

Yes, lord.

In the end though, I am looking forward to busting out with my cardigans, coats, and boots this fall. I don’t mind the sun setting a little sooner either. That just makes me sit my ass inside and get the sleep that I need to function. I have a great feeling about this fall, and I know it will be particularly festive very soon.

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A Happy Thing Indeed: Mets 5 – Cubs 4

Carrie did something really nice for Carlos and I last week. She gave Carlos two tickets she had for the Mets game on Friday. I was just finishing up a document I had been working on all day when Carlos called and asked if I wanted to go to the game. I am not really a fan of the Mets, but I do love to go to baseball games, so of course I sped up my workflow and finished up early in time to catch the game. Luckily, I had randomly taken my camera with me to work, thinking I’d snap a few things at lunch (which didn’t happen, as I went to Chipotle and ATE).

We met up at Court Square and then took the 7 train to Citi Field and realized just how beautiful the day was. The sun was fading into the night, there was a cool breeze, and we were at a baseball game with great seats.

Our first order of business was food, because we were both starved. Conveniently, the Pepsi Porch that we had seats in, has its own section for food. We hardly had to stray a few yards from our seats to grab a hot dogs, onion rings, and drinks. When we found our way to our seats, we were blown away by how lucky we were. We had a perfect view of the game from the Excelsior level at right field!

I can’t pretend to know anyone’s batting average, or even half the starting lineup for any team in particular, but after having my dad take me to baseball games throughout growing up, I at least understand how the game works and some of who is who. Growing up a Mariner’s fan and remembering Randy Johnson in all the Eagle Hardware ads, and remembering when Ken Griffey Jr. was a Mariner (the first time) always makes going to any game fun to watch.

Carlos is a huge Mets fan, like his father, and was decked out in full real-boy Mets fan regalia: Mets snapback, Mets Jersey, and of course, matching sneakers. Its fun to see him get excited over the team. I got excited after seeing some of them up and close on the big screen that was to our left. Clap your hands if you see Angel Pagan or David Wright!

Whenever someone Dominican was at bat, of course they had Spanish music playing to signal their entrance, so hearing “Na de Na” come on was fun. Maybe I am the only one who knows who that song is? At any rate, being at a baseball game is as much about the total experience of actively watching the game, getting hyped or angry, and paying WAY too much for food. It is pure Americana, and Citi Field presents the game in a beautiful setting that is fun any time during baseball season. Every seat is a good seat, even the nosebleeds, as I would know from having a nosebleed there earlier in the season.

Oh, before I forget, the Mets got it together and pulled a victory at the last minute with a score of 5-4. Go Mets! Never thought I would type that, but you can’t help get excited for them when they play a good game!

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Sip n’ See Festivities


My amazingly beautiful and talented friends, Dimia and Bobby, combined their powers and had a birthday brunch/Sip ‘n’ See at Essex last Saturday. It was as entertaining as it was epic.

A Sip ‘n’ See, you see, is a festivity meant to show off a newborn and celebrate life itself. At least I think thats what NeNe Leakes from Housewives of Atlanta was really trying to get at? Anyways, Bobby and Dimia christened their imaginary child Apollo at brunch and we celebrated all their births in high style.

The usual suspects were there, such as Michael, Amber, and Alexis, but there was probably three dozen more to round out the crowd that we had going on. The seating arrangement that we had at Essex was spread out about the upper level, and we had a great view of the whole place, including the rather boring party at the other end of the building.

The food there was great and everything, but the constant flow of screwdrivers, mimosas, strawberry bellinis, and bloody marys really got the party started. I had more than my fill of sips, and saw quite a bit from my central vantage point, but how I managed to capture such great photos while slightly jollier than usual is beyond me.

Dimia and Bobby have an absolutely amazing constellation of friends, and everyone got along and was interesting to talk to and laugh with. There were big hats, nice shoes, and all kinds of great style to go along with the great smiles.

We kept the party going until the staff at Essex was more than done with us, and I think I had the last of the screwdrivers that were served. Oops. Baby Apollo even got to taste what was going on at the party, as any true child of the world should. Is there even a drinking age in Europe?

I am infinitely blessed to be surrounded by friends that are so much and do so much. I wish Dimia and Bobby all the best this year! Yayyyy!

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Photosynthesis, ACTIVATE!

Spring has FINALLY arrived in New York! No more snow, no more slush, no more boots. The groundhog may have lied to us about an early Spring, but Mother Nature has really outdone herself with this year’s first set of flowers.

Central Park is ablaze with beautiful sights and smells. The cherry blossoms float and their fragrance wafts through the cool breeze. The humidity sticks to your skin and you feel alive as you walk through the park.

The whole City is abuzz with life once again. We had been caught in the humdrum of putting on our sweaters, coats, and hats every day since October, but the smell of these flowers is enough to snap anyone out of that frigid daze.

I had lunch in Central Park, got a fresh haircut uptown from my barber, Mike, and then came back down and walked through the Clinton Garden and came back home to cool off. You already know there is sweet tea on tap at my place!

I am thinking of waking up early tomorrow to get shots of the flowers with the golden first light, if we don’t get any heavy April showers. What do you think of these flowers, what else makes you feel full of life and energized for the coming year?

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Real Boy Report: 2011 NY International Auto Show

Carlos had the greatest idea ever this week, and suggested that as our real boy outing for the week, Kendra, he, and I should go to the auto show at the Javits Center. And so it was!

Today we went and had a blast! Tickets were only $14 online if you used the code AAA10 that I conveniently found this morning. Score! Since it is so super cheap to go, you should bring yourself and your friends before the show is over next week. The best way to get to the Javits Center is really by cab, since the weather is still balls, the extension on 7 train isn’t done yet, and because 11th avenue can be a bit of a walk.

Across the street, there was a huge billboard for the Nissan Leaf, touting its magical abilities to go without gas, and the fact that it doesn’t need an exhaust pipe. Perhaps they should add a decorative one just for kicks? I give Nissan mega cool points for producing such a forward thinking vehicle that kicks the pants off the Prius and the already ill-fated Volt. On that note, I can’t recommend anyone that loves themselves to purchase the Volt, because it shows how lazy and shortsighted American manufacturers are. The Leaf won the World Car of the Year Award at the show, and rightfully so. Get it together Detroit! Paradigm shift ACTIVATE!

Cars from Detroit, with the exception of my beloved Dodge Challenger SRT8 and its friend the Mustang, were kind of blah. The new Charger was cool, especially clad in gunmetal matte paint, and its tail lights borrowed heavily from the Challenger.

Chrysler’s ad campaign for “Imported from Detroit” is the most entertaining facet of its 2012 lineup. The new 300 and 200 have interesting styling, but their futuristic curves end up looking a little plasticky in the end. At least they are a little more fuel efficient?

Cadillac had some interesting entrants and visions for the future. Their display was decidedly classy as far as American brands go. Carlos and Kendra particularly liked the new lineup.

Audi dropped jaws with its Spyder and R8 as expected. Getting a clear shot of both was a difficult task because everyone within eyeshot wanted to basically lick the paint on them. Something about the smell of their leather is divine. Don’t even get me started on the sound of the R8 accelerating…..mmmmmm!

Mercedes had its endlessly classy SLS AMG on display with its gull wings spread high. I don’t have an Italian villa on the side of a rocky coastline, but I will someday, and there will be a red one of these parked in my driveway, right next to my reckless American-made Challenger and A8 for good taste.

Fiat had a perky girl with perky (assets) talking about the new Fiat 500. She said Italian no less than 50 times in the span of  her broken record 3 minute spiel, but since I love all things Italian made, I can’t fault her and the quirky timelessness of this revamped classic.

I’m not really a fan of Mazda’s, but for some reason, one car of their 2012 lineup had the best lighting in the whole show. Their spokesperson there was a little snippy, but I would be too if I was placed next to the exciting festival surrounding the Scion brand.

Totoya pulled out all the stops for their Scion Spectacle. They had all the models raised up in the air for everyone to see, and in the middle of their pit, they had a brand new concept that made a Lotus Elise look like a pansy. No joke! This car was gorgeous front, back, and all over. The eye candy surrounding the car wasn’t so bad either.

Bumblebee made an appearance towards the end of the show, right next to the 2012 Camaro. I want to love that car so much, but something about it always being presented to me in Yellow makes me upset. For one, I hate yellow, and two, the real model won’t transform into Bumblebee. Fail.

In the end, Kendra, Carlos, and I had a successful real boy outing today and got a glimpse of the coming year in cars. I don’t even know how to drive, but some of the 2012 models make me want to head on over to Jersey where there is open space for me to learn to drive. Perhaps that can be a mid-year resolution: to learn to drive a stick shift, because all my favorites come in manual.

Vroooooooooom! Tune in next week for our review of Fast Five!

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