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Chris Had a Birthday and I Had Cake + More!

Christopher was in town last weekend for his 27th birthday, so Chris and I made sure to festivate and entertentiate with him all weekend long (yes, those are new words I made). I got him some cool plants for his new apartment, and we took him out to a great Spanish spot in HK for dinner and drinks.

I saw this debonaire man on our way to getting cake for Chris. I imagined bubbles coming out of his pipe. He posed ever so crisply for the camera. How very sartorial.

We got cake from Juniors (!) and ate it like fatties and went for more drinks later with Maurice at Blockheads. While there, we met Christopher and Steffi, whom we shared drinks and laughs with. Yay!

After that, I guess Spain won the World Cup or something, because the crowd of people outside the bar next to our favorite Thai place the next day were going crazy. Yikes!

The following day, I shot a short demo reel for a neighbor of mine at the top of the Paramount building in Times Square. The view from the office we were in was awesome to say the least, since it was right next to the famous ball that drops.

Since then, I’ve joined the gym, and taken some more photos of the beautiful greenery by my place. Ohyeah, the happiest news since FOREVER is that Maddy is now officially professionally awesome and will be moving to Chelsea soon! Yay!

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