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Hocus Crocus!

Holy Springtime, Batman! Its that time of year! Tonight everyone is supposed to set all of their clocks forward an hour to be in line with daylight savings time. Why the planet adheres to this antiquated practice of messing with time (and circadian rhythms) is beside me, however not to be outdone, Mother Nature sent some of her finest blooms up early for all of us to enjoy.

If your know the signs of Spring, there are two flowers to look for: Crocuses and Forsythia. The latter is hard to come by in New York, but there were crocuses aplenty in my old garden in Midtown. They peeked their brightly colored heads out from underneath the fall leaves in little flurries of spring color.

The Daffodils decided to join in on the party, and trumpeted the coming arrival of the vernal equinox with a splash of goldenrod and cream. Their skinny leaves fluttered in the breeze.

I made a new friend in the garden named Jamie, and he has been a resident of Hell’s Kitchen for decades. He told me about his ritual of recording the passing seasons through photos in the garden. We agreed that our little, gated slice of heaven was a perfect timekeeper for the seasons.


A ring of Tulips slowly began to unfurl their velvety bezier curve leaves in the shade of the giant Tulip Magnolia tree in the center of the garden. The bees have not woken up from their slumber yet, so it is only these hearty perennials who have arrived without their presence.


Together, these tiny flowers have set the seasonal clock in motion with their Springtime festival of color and light. The year began a few months ago, but it is now that 2012 really comes to life. The colorful clarion call of the Crocus banishes the winter, and brings an end to the bitter cold.

Spring is here. Finally.

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First Little Flowers from the Garden

I was a bit of  a recluse this winter in terms of getting out and taking photos because it was always so damn bitter cold. This was my third winter here in New York, and it seemed like it was definitely the coldest.

Despite the winter still having a hold on our newfound spring, little crocuses, irises, and tulips have been popping their heads up in the garden down the street from me. They are the little heralds of the coming sunshine.

Their presence means that the weather is going to get warmer, and that we can soon bask in the sun as they do. Their bright colors cheer you up on the last few chilly days, and remind you that there is a cycle to all that is.

There is magic in the first flowers of spring.

Enjoy these little flowers and look forward to seeing many more as the weather begins to warm up. These should hold you over for now…

Until then, just keep your head up, and your gloves on. Maybe your shoes too.

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