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The Leap Day Post That Almost Didn’t Exist

I am rushing to finish this post for you before the Leap Day is over, and before February is over. Though I did not post anything all month, I wanted to share the last of the photos I took while at home with my family.

My dad and his wife took my brother and I to Deception Pass, up the coast of Washington. To be honest, I slept through more of the ride than I normally would have, but I did wake up for a quick trip to a vintage car shop, where I saw a very sexy Mustang and some cool Impalas.

Once we made it to Deception Pass, we were a little disheartened that the boat service that we were hoping to ride on, was closed for the season. Sadface! After some guffawing and haranguing, we scored some tickets to come back later when the season is full throttle. I did see a live BALD EAGLE though! A living symbol of America!

Instead of boating around the islands, we kept our visit topside and walked across the pass. The wind whipped around us, and the air was so fresh and full of the green goodness that emanates from all the trees.

The little emerald islands in and around the waterway were beautiful to behold. Though the water wears them down over time, they still remain, and are truly stunning against the rushing water.

We stopped by a National Park on the way home, and I would be pulling straws if I were to try and recall the name, but it was even more beautiful! We didn’t stay long because the day was getting shorter by the minute, and the sunlight was running out. We took a ferry back to the city and enjoyed the view.

Though the trip was not what we set out to do, I can’t imagine spending a great time with my family any other way. I cannot wait to come back home to take more pictures from the beautiful place I grew up in.

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My Family Floats on Memorial Day Weekend

My family back home actually DID something cool for Memorial Day Weekend. They went rafting together in Wenatchee and had a great time dumping each other into the water.

They also had a great time dumping people on other rafts into the water (then saving them).

The company that they went through took these amazing photos of them from the banks of the river.


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Strong Genes: Grampy and I Look Alike!

While my mom was in New York last week visiting me for graduation, she took a quick detour to Philadelphia with my cousin Bobby to visit my Auntie Gene. I haven’t seen any of them in forever, so I was sad I couldn’t make the trip while entertaining the rest of my visiting family, so I will have to make it a point to see them this summer. The train ride is really cheap I hear.

My mom had a great time visiting with the east coast extension of our small family, and my aunt sent her home with the most amazing things: Photos!

These aren’t just any photos though, they are photos that she pried from her own photo album that she has kept safe for a long time. She told my mom that her kids likely wouldn’t appreciate them, so she sent her home with some.

When my mom showed them to me I was struck by how fantastic the photos were. I didn’t recognize everyone, but I did see one very familiar face: Grampy. ┬áHe looked amazing in his air force photo! Then I realized how much he and I looked alike. Crazy! I don’t know who everyone is in all the photos, but my great grandfather is in one with a cigar, and in another photo the whole great family looks dapper.

I rushed home and scanned in all the pictures, so that I could make copies and restore them to their former glory. Here they are in their current state!

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