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May’s Showers Brought Some Flowers

This spring has been an odd one. For one, the groundhog lied, and spring didn’t start to appear until maybe just a couple weeks ago. Two, all the plants and trees were so pent up over the elongated winter, that they decided to have a massive pollen extravaganza that would cripple the entire city for a week. Seriously, buying TWO big boxes of tissue in one week is a little extra, even for me with my horrible allergies.

Also, this spring has either been rather windy, rainy, and chilly. Ideally, you think there is a gradual buildup of sunlight and warmth for spring, in anticipation of the coming summer, but no, in New York we have had a seasonal tug of war going on. Winter just wont go home!

Alas, it rained heavily for the faux apocalypse we had yesterday (more photos from that coming tomorrow) and all the flowers in the garden glistened with the spring rain like some sort of perfume commercial.

If there is one thing that makes flowers look even better than their own divine designs, it is some water droplets. Be it dew drops or rain drops on their foliage, it just makes them look more alive than they already are. The symbiosis between the earthen plants and the rain from the sky is the perfect mix of elements. The visual show they put on during and after a rainstorm is quite moving, especially when you race to take photos and not soak your camera.

Imagine me in the garden trying to take photos with one hand and hold an umbrella with the other. Yeah, it didn’t quite work, so my camera and I were a little soppy at the end of my shoot, but the results were well worth the sogginess. Thank goodness for camera weather sealing!

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Twilight Tulips

I went for a walk very early the other morning and saw something special in the garden through the iron fence: tulips that seemed to glow faintly in the dim light.

Usually, tulips, crocuses, and forsythia as the heralds of the spring and the sun light. Some moonlight still appeared to linger on the flower petals as they waited for the sun to rise.

I had to be still to take photos of them in the early light and be careful to capture their beauty as it was. The grain on the images is almost velvety.

The air was cool and slightly most. Little birds warbled and chattered early songs and we all waited for the sun to rise.


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Photosynthesis, ACTIVATE!

Spring has FINALLY arrived in New York! No more snow, no more slush, no more boots. The groundhog may have lied to us about an early Spring, but Mother Nature has really outdone herself with this year’s first set of flowers.

Central Park is ablaze with beautiful sights and smells. The cherry blossoms float and their fragrance wafts through the cool breeze. The humidity sticks to your skin and you feel alive as you walk through the park.

The whole City is abuzz with life once again. We had been caught in the humdrum of putting on our sweaters, coats, and hats every day since October, but the smell of these flowers is enough to snap anyone out of that frigid daze.

I had lunch in Central Park, got a fresh haircut uptown from my barber, Mike, and then came back down and walked through the Clinton Garden and came back home to cool off. You already know there is sweet tea on tap at my place!

I am thinking of waking up early tomorrow to get shots of the flowers with the golden first light, if we don’t get any heavy April showers. What do you think of these flowers, what else makes you feel full of life and energized for the coming year?

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First Little Flowers from the Garden

I was a bit of  a recluse this winter in terms of getting out and taking photos because it was always so damn bitter cold. This was my third winter here in New York, and it seemed like it was definitely the coldest.

Despite the winter still having a hold on our newfound spring, little crocuses, irises, and tulips have been popping their heads up in the garden down the street from me. They are the little heralds of the coming sunshine.

Their presence means that the weather is going to get warmer, and that we can soon bask in the sun as they do. Their bright colors cheer you up on the last few chilly days, and remind you that there is a cycle to all that is.

There is magic in the first flowers of spring.

Enjoy these little flowers and look forward to seeing many more as the weather begins to warm up. These should hold you over for now…

Until then, just keep your head up, and your gloves on. Maybe your shoes too.

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Rainy Day Reflection: Greens Galore

The rain is one of my favorite things, especially in the summer when we need to be quenched. Its been so hot lately, you can’t but help think about water all the time. I can’t imagine how plants feel after weeks with no rain—they can’t just go to Duane Reade and get a bottle of water, now can they?

Inbetween doing laundry this evening, I decided to take some photos in the garden of the leaves and flowers just after a light shower that we had this afternoon. I hadn’t realized just how much more green and happy everything looked before.

Maybe the garden was more parched than I thought? There’s no telling when the next rainstorm is coming, so I think that all the plants soaked up their fill in a hurry, because the sun has been relentless lately.

I think people, like plants, need to be watered every now and then. The rain makes them slow down a bit and think a little slower and with more care. Umbrellas, though useful, prevent our spirits from being replenished by the strange joy that comes from a summer rain shower to and from our daily business. Everyone loves to laugh after being soaked a little bit.

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Chris Had a Birthday and I Had Cake + More!

Christopher was in town last weekend for his 27th birthday, so Chris and I made sure to festivate and entertentiate with him all weekend long (yes, those are new words I made). I got him some cool plants for his new apartment, and we took him out to a great Spanish spot in HK for dinner and drinks.

I saw this debonaire man on our way to getting cake for Chris. I imagined bubbles coming out of his pipe. He posed ever so crisply for the camera. How very sartorial.

We got cake from Juniors (!) and ate it like fatties and went for more drinks later with Maurice at Blockheads. While there, we met Christopher and Steffi, whom we shared drinks and laughs with. Yay!

After that, I guess Spain won the World Cup or something, because the crowd of people outside the bar next to our favorite Thai place the next day were going crazy. Yikes!

The following day, I shot a short demo reel for a neighbor of mine at the top of the Paramount building in Times Square. The view from the office we were in was awesome to say the least, since it was right next to the famous ball that drops.

Since then, I’ve joined the gym, and taken some more photos of the beautiful greenery by my place. Ohyeah, the happiest news since FOREVER is that Maddy is now officially professionally awesome and will be moving to Chelsea soon! Yay!

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A Long, Blooming Walk in the Sun

Today I caught the train to West 4th, and walked to Washington Square Park. Just cause. Well, not really….I had some time to kill before my barbershop appointment.

There were some pretty flowers there, but the construction in the surrounding area was taking away from the ambiance, so I walked up to 14th street and soaked in the sights of Union Square for a while. These yellow flowers ARE sunshine itself.

Union Square had some silent protest going on, that wasn’t quite so happy. Something about Guantanamo that I wasn’t in the mood for. Black hoods on people don’t make for a pleasant experience, in or out of prison. However, there were some more flowers there to see, like the clover looking flower above.

There was a really odd set of sculptures in the northern half of the park though.

When I soaked in as much sun as I could there, I continued on my way to Madison Square Park, and photographed even more flowers. They had dahlias that were to die for, and their hydrangeas were in full effect. There wasn’t really any cool fashion going on with anyone out today which was a bummer.

Except for this cool old lady who deftly juggled her belongings into order.

Despite the heat, I braved Broadway some more and continued on up to Herald Square. It was just a bit jam packed for my taste, but they had planters full of hibiscus that caught my attention. Their delicate peach color was really amazing, considering the norm is red.

I topped off the walk with a couple photos of my favorite ziggurat, and headed to finally get my hair cut. BTW, it looks awesome, in case you were wondering. I’m sure I’ll be vain enough to post a photo of my fresh cut soon. This walk was great because I covered almost all major squares and parks that I love in New York in one long stroll. Success!

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