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One Season Fades into the Next

This summer was quite odd. It went by faster than normal, was hotter than normal, but was also much more beautiful than I remember any other summer being.

The greens seemed that much greener. Could have been all the rain we had. Then again, after reading “Gaia’s Revenge,” it could have just been a warning signal from Mother Nature. That book taught me that we are on borrowed time because our planet will parse down our population down to less than a billion to maintain equilibrium. More on that another time though. But yes, so much greener this year.

On a similar note, the weather here this summer was prone to fits of fury, Irene anyone? Though she turned out to be nothing more than a glorified tropical storm, and excuse for me to stay in bed, she made for the most brilliant skyscapes and sunsets.

When the weather was sunny, I saw couples dancing at Union Square, and I thought that was one of the most beautiful moments I had seen in a long time. Something about old people being together forever seems so foreign and endearing to my rabbit-like self. Speaking of that, I found out that I have the ability to make the sun shine by getting it in. No, seriously, ask mt friend Hjordys who also helped contribute to the good weather. She is my fellow source of the sunshine.

I met lots of new people this summer, and took obligatory photos of boys ( and girls ) all summer long.

Yes, lord.

In the end though, I am looking forward to busting out with my cardigans, coats, and boots this fall. I don’t mind the sun setting a little sooner either. That just makes me sit my ass inside and get the sleep that I need to function. I have a great feeling about this fall, and I know it will be particularly festive very soon.

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Nighttime Flowers + Nature’s Beziers

The Hell’s Kitchen Garden is always a source of inspiration for me. No matter the time of year, or time of day, there is always something new to see, and a new angle to take on things I’ve seen before.

I try and apply the same ability to visualize events and situations in life in the same manner. I am always trying to think from different perspectives to take in more possible outcomes for the things that may happen. As flighty as I may seem, at times I can be quite calculating.

Tonight I felt that my macro lens needed a workout, and set out for the garden just before it got dark. My beloved 50mm 1.4 lens seems to always be attached to my camera, so it was time for a switch. The golden hour had already passed, but the plants were still bathed in the last fading rays of the sun. They glowed.

The crocuses had blared their final fleeting trumpets already and gave way to periwinkles, lamb’s ears, and tulips. It was their night to shine in the darkness. Luckily, I had brought along my Gorillapod to take longer exposures in the waning light. It took a few tries to get the formula for the night correct and decide on a pleasing exposure, but the results are a perfect blend of the ethereal and the earthly.

I didn’t need a flash, ring light, or even much ambient light to set the mood for these small shots, because the graceful curves of the rising tulips were most inspiring to me. It took humans millennia to concoct bezier curves of their own for the jet stream era in the 50’s, but nature had been growing them all along.

Phi, fractals, and other sacred geometry within nature are the true roots of human creativity, and through their elegant symphony all beauty we create is called into existence in homage to that which came before us and what is to come.

Pause and consider the meaning of why our own veins mirror the branches and roots of the trees give us life. There is no reason to look further than our divine connection to nature for inspiration and meaning.

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Green for the First of Spring

Naturally everyone in New York City is getting restless at this time of year. Spring is supposed to have started already, but we still have the threat of snowflakes on the horizon. However, I spotted this little patch of green goodness at Worldwide Plaza and smiled.

Some other things that have made me smile lately:

*Finishing Patti Smith’s ‘Just Kids’ and visiting some haunts of hers and Robert’s

*Beating Carlos on Marvel vs Capcom 3 (several times)

*Repotting a plant of mine that needed a new home

*Making some new friends in interesting places, and finding old ones again

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Fresh Air in New Brunswick @ Rutgers

This morning I got up and caught a train to New Brunswick to see Pearl and Trish. Trish is finishing up college at Rutgers after having been at the UW in Seattle.

She is awesomely smart so we are all very excited for her. She is also an amazingly talented swimmer. Pearl and I tried to scope out the pool there, but it was closed. The facilities all over the campus looked brand new.

We saw some local wildlife there in the form of a badger and some geese. I was really excited about the badger, but it wasn’t so excited about me.

The colors of the day were definitely green and red, two of my favorites.

We were blessed with sunshine and a cool breeze today, so I hope that weather continues on into this weekend.

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