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Relish the Rapture

If I were a certain type of person, I would have felt really silly Sunday morning. I’m just saying. I know that there are all kinds of heathens and things wrong with the world, but when creation itself is as gorgeous as it is, why shatter it in the apocalypse? We will probably do that ourselves eventually, so there is no divine intervention necessary.

In any case, Elizabeth in all her fabulousness, had the foresight several months ago to book a reservation at Calle Ocho for the day of the rapture. I want to believe that she did this on purpose, or that her golden locks told her to do so. Her, Lee-Sean, and I all had tortilla espanola for brunch and several goblets full of sweet, sweet sangria. If you have never been to Calle Ocho, there are two things to know: book months in advance for brunch, and save room for all the sangria you are about to sip!

After brunch, Elizabeth showed us to her new pad, which is just blocks away from Calle Ocho and one block from The Park. Prime real estate we are talking here. From there, we frolicked to the Great Lawn, and then on to Turtle Pond. We ascended Belvedere Castle just in time for the rapture at 6pm, only to find that the sky was getting dark and the temperature dropped a little. Damn.

While at The Park, we took in the wildlife, and marveled at just how lucky we are to be where we are, when we are, together. Sometimes reflection like that is necessary for true appreciation of life.

Ideally, we could all appreciate life from the Beresford alongside Central Park West, but the view from Turtle Pond is just fine with me. Soak in the sun and relish the rapture.

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May’s Showers Brought Some Flowers

This spring has been an odd one. For one, the groundhog lied, and spring didn’t start to appear until maybe just a couple weeks ago. Two, all the plants and trees were so pent up over the elongated winter, that they decided to have a massive pollen extravaganza that would cripple the entire city for a week. Seriously, buying TWO big boxes of tissue in one week is a little extra, even for me with my horrible allergies.

Also, this spring has either been rather windy, rainy, and chilly. Ideally, you think there is a gradual buildup of sunlight and warmth for spring, in anticipation of the coming summer, but no, in New York we have had a seasonal tug of war going on. Winter just wont go home!

Alas, it rained heavily for the faux apocalypse we had yesterday (more photos from that coming tomorrow) and all the flowers in the garden glistened with the spring rain like some sort of perfume commercial.

If there is one thing that makes flowers look even better than their own divine designs, it is some water droplets. Be it dew drops or rain drops on their foliage, it just makes them look more alive than they already are. The symbiosis between the earthen plants and the rain from the sky is the perfect mix of elements. The visual show they put on during and after a rainstorm is quite moving, especially when you race to take photos and not soak your camera.

Imagine me in the garden trying to take photos with one hand and hold an umbrella with the other. Yeah, it didn’t quite work, so my camera and I were a little soppy at the end of my shoot, but the results were well worth the sogginess. Thank goodness for camera weather sealing!

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Sip n’ See Festivities


My amazingly beautiful and talented friends, Dimia and Bobby, combined their powers and had a birthday brunch/Sip ‘n’ See at Essex last Saturday. It was as entertaining as it was epic.

A Sip ‘n’ See, you see, is a festivity meant to show off a newborn and celebrate life itself. At least I think thats what NeNe Leakes from Housewives of Atlanta was really trying to get at? Anyways, Bobby and Dimia christened their imaginary child Apollo at brunch and we celebrated all their births in high style.

The usual suspects were there, such as Michael, Amber, and Alexis, but there was probably three dozen more to round out the crowd that we had going on. The seating arrangement that we had at Essex was spread out about the upper level, and we had a great view of the whole place, including the rather boring party at the other end of the building.

The food there was great and everything, but the constant flow of screwdrivers, mimosas, strawberry bellinis, and bloody marys really got the party started. I had more than my fill of sips, and saw quite a bit from my central vantage point, but how I managed to capture such great photos while slightly jollier than usual is beyond me.

Dimia and Bobby have an absolutely amazing constellation of friends, and everyone got along and was interesting to talk to and laugh with. There were big hats, nice shoes, and all kinds of great style to go along with the great smiles.

We kept the party going until the staff at Essex was more than done with us, and I think I had the last of the screwdrivers that were served. Oops. Baby Apollo even got to taste what was going on at the party, as any true child of the world should. Is there even a drinking age in Europe?

I am infinitely blessed to be surrounded by friends that are so much and do so much. I wish Dimia and Bobby all the best this year! Yayyyy!

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