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Good Morning, Grey Morning

This morning I decided to go for a little journey. I wanted to get a great view of The City so I went to Sinatra Park in Hoboken. The sky was grey and the wind a bit nippy, but I set out in my favorite coat from Uniqlo with my camera looking rather festive.

I started off at Elysian Park on Eleventh and Hudson, and wandered through there until I found my way down to Sinatra Park. There were lots of loving dog owners out with their four-footed friends. I was jamming to some Kylie and Ke$ha this morning so I didn’t hear any of their barks and yips. Kylie is divine, never forget that.

There was a War Memorial in Elysian Park that caught my eye, and I was upset that one of the Sphinxes that crowned one end of the ark the monument sat upon had been defaced. Who does that?! Last I checked, Sphinxes asked Oedipal tourists questions and defaced them, not the other way around. Oh well.

I saw buds on a tree waiting for their elemental cue to burst forth with life for Spring, and I remembered just how fast 2012 was passing by. Springtime is almost here!

On my journey from park to park, I imagined the views of The City from the apartments on Hudson and along Sinatra Park. Though the newer buildings do not have any old-world charm to speak of, their stunning views of Midtown Manhattan are second to none.

There were some geese wandering around the park, but they were my only companions this morning as I snapped away in the breeze. They paid me little mind and continued on their way. The way they waddle about always makes me smile, and reminds me of the geese on the riverbank of my childhood home chasing after little baby geese.

Once I reached the apex of the park, I marveled at the Empire State Building for a while, and captured its splendor as best as I could in the grey weather. It looks great regardless of a lack of sunshine.

I looked southward to One World Trade Center and imagined the army of workers assembling what will be the tallest structure in the Western Hemisphere once it is complete next year. Rising 1776 feet above the rubble, it will be a testament to our ability to bring our dreams to life.

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Whirlwind Tour: Yonkers or Bust!

I hadn’t seen my girls Emeri and Madeline in quite some time, so I decided to spend the day with them on Saturday. As the founding members of team awesome, we always have an adventure when we are together.

I took the Path train to Hoboken and met up with Emeri first. I had never been there before, but I loved it right away. The views of Manhattan were stunning, and the neighborhood there was very laid back.

Frank Sinatra park/beach was really fun to walk around. We had perfect weather, and a perfect buzz from our margaritas after visiting the local candy shop. Emeri and I contemplated Madeline’s recent move to Yonkers, and we decided that since we couldn’t see Yonkers from where we were, we would just have to go see it and her ourselves!

We hopped on a bus from Hoboken to Port Authority, and from there caught the shuttle to Grand Central. Finally, we took the Metro North to Yonkers, but not before we bought some white wine and pretzels at the cart on the train platform ( ! ). How about that for utilizing public transportation in a New York minute?!

Our train ride to Yonkers was short, and we made a new friend on the way. She explained to us that she was from Yonkers and that it is a nice place to live, but thought we were odd for going just because. We were on a mission to see the third leg of our tripod—Madeline!

Upon arrival, we met Madeline on the boardwalk by the Hudson. The view from her apartment alone is to die for. It was beyond peaceful. Emeri posed with the giant sturgeon and played inside of model fish for a while before we checked out Madeline’s sweet pad.

Madeline wined and dined us until we were stuffed, and we loved catching up as the sun set along the west bank of the river. We gave each other hugs and kisses and Emeri and I were on the last train back to Grand Central. We both have a greater appreciation for getting outside The City now. We were definitely recharged. In fact, I was recharged enough to go to a party via a Vespa later that evening in Washington Heights. You already know it was too festive for fotos though, lol.

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