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Chris Had a Birthday and I Had Cake + More!

Christopher was in town last weekend for his 27th birthday, so Chris and I made sure to festivate and entertentiate with him all weekend long (yes, those are new words I made). I got him some cool plants for his new apartment, and we took him out to a great Spanish spot in HK for dinner and drinks.

I saw this debonaire man on our way to getting cake for Chris. I imagined bubbles coming out of his pipe. He posed ever so crisply for the camera. How very sartorial.

We got cake from Juniors (!) and ate it like fatties and went for more drinks later with Maurice at Blockheads. While there, we met Christopher and Steffi, whom we shared drinks and laughs with. Yay!

After that, I guess Spain won the World Cup or something, because the crowd of people outside the bar next to our favorite Thai place the next day were going crazy. Yikes!

The following day, I shot a short demo reel for a neighbor of mine at the top of the Paramount building in Times Square. The view from the office we were in was awesome to say the least, since it was right next to the famous ball that drops.

Since then, I’ve joined the gym, and taken some more photos of the beautiful greenery by my place. Ohyeah, the happiest news since FOREVER is that Maddy is now officially professionally awesome and will be moving to Chelsea soon! Yay!

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Another Day, Another Flower

Fleet week is here, and I have to get out to take photos of the men and women in uniform this long weekend, but in the meantime, check out this passionflower clematis flower that I spotted in the garden yesterday. It pretty much served me my daily slice of life itself. What are the things that remind you that life is good?

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An Hour of Flowers

After lunch today, I spent some time in the garden again. There were people lounging around enjoying the humid day, waiting for the rain. Some had books to read, others just sat in a daze.

Its very easy to enter this garden and forget that you are in New York. There are so many birds singing and chirping that you temporarily tune out all of the busy life that is here. Giant bumblebees buzz past you slowly, fat with a full days supply of nectar and pollen.

You hear the clank of the iron gate behind you and remember that at some point you have to go home to make dinner. Just one more minute.


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The Mini Magic of Macro Photography

The grand scheme of things, the bigger picture, and the macro, are often overlooked as being superfluous. In terms of macroeconomics, sure a headache may result. In terms of macroevolution, sure, misunderstanding can occur. Macro photography on the other hand, is quite another story. Its just big pictures of small things. Simple.

I have set out to change the way that I approach and look at the details while shooting, and to slow down my process a bit. This is where macro photography comes in. By getting in that much closer to the subject, and slowing down to see just a bit, or a part, of its being even for just a few extra seconds gets the brain thinking more about the best way to take the photo.

In many cases, macro photography requires two things, a tripod, and a ring light. A tripod for stability during long exposures (common in macro), and a ring light to illuminate shadows that are otherwise cast by the camera, tripod, and photographer. Sometimes a remote or timer function can go a long way towards stabilizing the camera as well.

In my case, my Sigma 50mm EX macro lens has a fairly wide aperture of 2.8. Not too fast, but not too slow. Its use definitely called for a tripod, and the mini Gorillapod SLR and ball head mount served the purpose beautifully. I wanted to see if I could get away without the use of a ring light, because not only are they spendy, they are quite bulky. Mother nature and natural sunlight seemed to have worked perfectly outdoors in my case, as the setting sun did not allow for many shadows to invade my photos.

I settled down in the Hell’s Kitchen garden one block away from my apartment and got right to shooting the plants, flowers, and foliage, that had just recently peeked their heads out in search of Spring. The weather was warm, and the sun was close to setting, so I had a limited amount of light and time, but the results of actually forcing myself to make something nice in the frame, metering it perfectly, and making minor adjustments all while on the ground was actually quite fun.

I look forward to getting out this weekend some more to practice the art of seeing the bigger picture in a smaller subject. These are the kind of photos I was excited about while taking them, developing them, and even while scanning them, so be on the lookout for more soon.

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