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Union Squared


Though Union Square can be overrun with tourists and skate kids, when the sun comes out, they really are the centerpiece of the park. The park is one of the best places to people watch. I wouldn’t say it is full of fashionistas like other haunts in New York, but there is a definite trendy edge to the many denizens of Union Square.

I am always on the lookout for cool statues, and the famous faces of Lincoln and Washington give stability to the chaotic nature of the park on a sunny day. Their stoic bronze faces peer through the endless buildings to the south. Their dark figures are the perfect contrast to the endless blue sky.


I spotted some kids boxing on the east end of the park and snapped a few pictures of the faux scuffle. I am more partial towards martial arts, but they made such a fuss with their crowd of friends, I couldn’t help but capture the moment. What I would give to come back as Puerto Rican child in New York!


The skater kids on the west side of the park were ever so cool. Wisps of cigarette smoke permeated the area. Feet covered in Vans and Chucks shuffled about. I always liked red Chucks.


I was about to be ran over by a guy who was skateboarding nearby as I wandered about with my camera, but I narrowly avoided a cement-laden demise and caught a cool blurry photo of him zipping past.

The sun is here my friends, finally. Go out into your parks and enjoy the warmth we have been waiting for!

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A Long, Blooming Walk in the Sun

Today I caught the train to West 4th, and walked to Washington Square Park. Just cause. Well, not really….I had some time to kill before my barbershop appointment.

There were some pretty flowers there, but the construction in the surrounding area was taking away from the ambiance, so I walked up to 14th street and soaked in the sights of Union Square for a while. These yellow flowers ARE sunshine itself.

Union Square had some silent protest going on, that wasn’t quite so happy. Something about Guantanamo that I wasn’t in the mood for. Black hoods on people don’t make for a pleasant experience, in or out of prison. However, there were some more flowers there to see, like the clover looking flower above.

There was a really odd set of sculptures in the northern half of the park though.

When I soaked in as much sun as I could there, I continued on my way to Madison Square Park, and photographed even more flowers. They had dahlias that were to die for, and their hydrangeas were in full effect. There wasn’t really any cool fashion going on with anyone out today which was a bummer.

Except for this cool old lady who deftly juggled her belongings into order.

Despite the heat, I braved Broadway some more and continued on up to Herald Square. It was just a bit jam packed for my taste, but they had planters full of hibiscus that caught my attention. Their delicate peach color was really amazing, considering the norm is red.

I topped off the walk with a couple photos of my favorite ziggurat, and headed to finally get my hair cut. BTW, it looks awesome, in case you were wondering. I’m sure I’ll be vain enough to post a photo of my fresh cut soon. This walk was great because I covered almost all major squares and parks that I love in New York in one long stroll. Success!

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The Rest of The Things I Did with My Family

This gargantuan task of recounting everything from the last couple weeks has been a beast. Here is a recap of the rest of what I did and saw with the family while they were here.

Mom and I played around in the Hell’s Kitchen Garden and took photos of us taking photos of flowers. She loved how so much of that place reminded her of her mom and the flowers she used to grow.

I stopped by the street fair on 9th avenue to catch this lovely lady stuffing her face.

Dad, Leanne, and I went to MoMA to see Abramovich, Kentridge, and Cartier-Bresson. I wasn’t supposed to take pictures there, but I did!

I took them all to Union Square and saw this awesome guy painting with sand.

We saw flowers made out of plastic bottles by some school kids posted at another garden nearby.

Finally, my mom and I kissed and hugged before she flew off!

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The Sights and Delights of Union Square

Jaybird and I had a great time walking around the city today, after all it was 75 and GORGEOUS. My feet kind of hurt, but hell, we got to SEE things and soak in the SUNSHINE. We saw some faces today that wowed us, and some killer fashion.

The city came alive for its first warm day in a while, and people came from all over to chill out in the center of Union Square. Jay and I ended up eating a whole box of strawberries there like some old white women, and we had a good time. It was refreshing just to SIT and enjoy the sun sounds, and sights for a while. I will make sure my family comes here next week when they arrive, since it is one of my favorite places in the whole city (and world).

We met a crew of young stylish kids, saw some yum yums, and also a few weirdos. Mostly there seemed to be a high concentration of cool, fashionable people though, so it was pretty easy to find interesting shots. A few faces there I had seen before, and some of the new ones were stunning.

I was totally expecting cool zebra print pants acrobat guy to be there, but he wasn’t. Womp. Maybe tomorrow. I’ll be off to the botanical gardens in Brooklyn with Jelani and them from school so keep your eyes peeled for some pretty pictures.

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Snaux Day

Today I woke up and went over my Robert Mapplethorpe presentation that I had prepared for my photo class at 8AM. I went through my morning routine, and schlepped myself to the train for class. I got bored on the way there and started sifting through emails…to discover that I missed the memo that class was cancelled.

By the time I read that I was already at Union Square, so I got off and perused Barnes & Noble for a while. When I finished there, I took out my camera and started shooting. Maneuvering a camera while holding an umbrella to protect the lens from snaux is a difficult feat. I managed to get in a few cute shots, and then I moseyed my way over to Washington Square and snapped a few more. The fountain there seems to make the BEST playground area for kids in the snow. I wanted to hop in and play, but it got mighty windy, so I walked to West 4th and got back on the C train home.

Now I am in bed resting and staying warm, thinking of new ways to beat my score on Bayonetta.


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Sunny Day at Union Square


Last weekend had the best weather in MONTHS here in New York. It was sixty something, so it was cause for celebration. Naturally, everyone went outside to soak up some sunlight. I was in Union Square already for my Bluetooth observations with Nahana and Dmitris, and afterwards I stuck around for an hour in Union Square and snapped photos of the beautiful people, performers, and life in general. Live vicariously through these photos, and understand just how happy everyone was to hang up their coats for the day.

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